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  • Square Dance History
    ...The Rich Story Of North American Square Dance

  • Still Tasty
    ...Your ultimate shelf life guide

  • Peter Kennedy Archive
    ...British and Irish folk and traditional music

  • Gods, Saints, and Heroes
    ...Guide to recognizing symbols and attributes of important figures from mythology, religion, and literature in Western art

  • Shonkys
    ...The dodgiest health claims, the shiftiest marketing tactics, and the downright worst products for sale

  • Medieval Soldier
    ...The Soldier in later Medieval England

  • Algebra Rules
    ...Useful rules of basic algebra, free, simple, & intuitively organized

  • Beers on Film
    ...Showcasing the best moments of Beer in Cinema

  • Get My Boat
    ...Boats and experiences in 169 countries

  • Religion and Gender
    ...Systematic study of gender and religion in an interdisciplinary perspective

  • T. S. Eliot
    ...Not just a poet, but also a dramatist, critic, editor and publisher

  • Find a Spring
    ...Database of natural springs around the world

  • Garden Visit
    ...Garden design, landscape architecture and landscape planning

  • Kate Chopin: Her Novels and Stories
    ...Best known for her stories about sensitive daring women

  • Home Movie Registry
    ...Curated search engine for amateur films

  • Open NASA
    ...Open door to your innovation future using NASA's data and tools

  • Daily Writing Tips
    ...Writing skills are essential to your success

  • British Art Studies
    ...Aspects of British art, architecture and visual culture

  • Scared to Watch
    ...Scary Horror Movies

  • History in Orbit
    ...Various historic themes and stories

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