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Oct 17, 2018

  • Review Geek
    ...Tech and gadget review site focused on saving you time

  • Quotations by Women
    ...Searchable by topic, by authors name or keyword

  • Sara VanDerWerf
    ...Maths related classroom activities, lesson plan ideas, teaching reflections

  • Stump the Bookseller
    ...Reconnect people to the books they love but canít quite remember

  • Global Fire Weather Database
    ...Integrates different weather factors influencing the likelihood of a vegetation fire starting and spreading

  • Liberated Africans
    ...Dedicated to the many people involved in the effort to abolish the slave trades

  • SearX
    ...A privacy-respecting metasearch engine

  • Qwant
    ...The search engine that respects your privacy

  • Peekier
    ...The most privacy-oriented search engine

  • The Lonely Palette
    ...The podcast that returns art history to the masses, one painting at a time

  • Year in Search 2017
    ...Google view

  • 100 Best Things to do in Singapore
    ...Evidence-based content written by experts

  • Living Composers Directory
    ...Making the music of Black composers available to everyone

  • World Political / Physical Maps and Satellite Images
    ...Examine the map of any region

  • Worldwide Center of Mathematics
    ...Research-level mathematicians from the across the globe who lecture in front of live audiences

  • Hymnary
    ...A comprehensive index of hymns and hymnals

  • Wason Selection Task
    ...Logic puzzle, one of the most famous tasks in the study of deductive reasoning

  • Quilt Alliance
    ...Brings together the creative, scholarly, and business worlds of quiltmaking

  • Van Gogh Museum
    ...In Amsterdam featuring over 1000 works

  • Eruptions, Earthquakes, and Emissions
    ...Time-lapse animation of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since 1960

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